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Why you been so dead?

2011-08-09 20:28:19 by Neo-Skywalker

Yeah, I know, I haven't been here all that much, mostly because a lot of the projects I've done for here haven't been released yet. But I'm hoping that will change in the next little bit with a little something I'm now working on!

I've been cast for the new animated webseries FAUX, headed by marsoupskin! I'll be playing the lead male role of "Armand". Done some research by watching the previously released episodes, some great Canadian content by a talented animator. I'm looking forward to beginning recording for it tomorrow; from what I've seen thus far, it looks great and it'll be even better in full animation!

I know my work with Omegafinal's Totally BS! and Mirangel series should be released hopefully soon, especially since he's working on a "finale" to the TBS series. That is if he and I aren't too busy watching the final episodes of Kamen Rider OOO (yes I watch tokusatsu. Blame him and my childhood obsession with Power Rangers.). Hopefully I can be a part of the TBS finale in some way if time and resources allow.

I'll also be serving as a voice actor and director for an upcoming video game that some friends of mine from university are working on. I should be getting more info on it from them this week. It won't be my first time doing voice direction, but it'll be my first time for a video game. When the game is complete, I'll share it with anyone who's interested!

And that's it for now. Thanks to all two of you who stuck around to read this!


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2012-04-17 16:43:01

I recently got into Faux. i really like it so far, and i think you were a good choice for Armand!